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Through a licensing agreement with an affiliated company, The Business Leadership Development Corporation (BLD), TechKnowPartners offers intellectual property products to both clients and the general public on both a free and fee basis.

This intellectual property includes articles, books, position papers, and seminars that incorporate models, methodologies, and tools developed by BLD, and employed by TechKnowPartners on client engagements.

Articles include:


Individualpreneurship Enterpriship From Vision To Value
Individual entrepreneurship The art and science of entrepreneurship, leadership, and management Building sustainable advantage

Books include Understanding Personal Styles, The Individual As An Enterprise, and Selling Tips For Individualpreneurs, and are available through BLD’s retail store

Seminars include the Guide To Business Leadership Development, which is available through BLD’s Center For Business Leadership Development and Nigel Brooks Seminars

Models include: HiPerforma, HiPotentia, HiProforma, and ST-Cubed (Stewardardship, Strategy, and Structure).

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